Sunday, October 9, 2011

Build a Sign

I love when time actually feels like it's moving and the thought of a Welcome Home sign isn't so far in the future to consider! Build a Sign is a company that has been providing banners for our military for at least a few years now. Their site states over 150,000 to date which would include one from my husbands first tour in Iraq back in 2009. They have a sister site as well, that is currently running an offer for a free 8x10 canvas wrap. Shipping is not included with either but definitely an awesome deal!

Friday, October 7, 2011


Every day I attempt to live with as little news as possible because it's simply what works for me. The amount of stress I take on from amped up reporters trying to make ratings is not worth my sanity. Especially when my sanity is needed to tend to life as a currently-solo mother. I do however search the news when my call is "missed". This is awful and the kind of thing one really shouldn't do. I am terribly fortunate that I receive relatively regular contact with my spouse while he is deployed. We normally enjoy daily talks even if they are only around 6 minutes long. Well, I missed my call last night. I have been trying to maintain tasks at home as well as the things in life that make me happy but that only lasts so long.  Of course it's not a great day in Afghanistan... it's the 10th anniversary of the war in fact. This is a day when I wish no call meant he was running late to get home or perhaps his phone simply lost it's charge... this is not the case. When I do not get calls its because something is wrong. While the chances of it being him are not good it still means someone is having a tough fight, is hurt, or has passed. Complete sorrow floods over me. 

My younger daughter has been breaking down crying this week at preschool as well. Simple reasons but out of character responses. After the many trainings as well as deployments away I now accept that this is a normal part of having a military child. There is no remedy...lots of hugs, holding her while she cries it out, and love are how we deal. Two seconds later she'll be skipping down the hall ready to dress up. I adore this about children. Youth and innocence are golden. I hope our children will hold on to these values for as long as possible.  I want our children to enjoy a life full of magic, wonder, and imagination. Far sooner than I'd like reality and life will step in... much like it has for me today.

I have felt in the past that making it was living every day with a good dose of denial... ignoring all that is going on and keeping it together. Today I'm choosing Peace. I will still eagerly await my call, we will decorate our porch for Halloween (one of my favorite holidays), and tonight will be our family movie night on the floor with popcorn. Today I will take a deep breath and accept that God has it covered, no matter what. I will pray... I will pray for strength and peace to our troops and for my husband. I will pray for the families... that I , as well as other military Mom's and Dad's, can find the strength and peace we need to make it today.  

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.  - John 14:27

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I have blogged quietly nearly every day for over six years now and finally have decided to blog out loud! I say this because, as many military families do, I began a blog to tie our family closer to us. I realized not long after my husbands first training assignment nearly 10 years ago that we would never again be in close proximity to family. I grew up in the same town from infancy to graduation... my eldest daughter of 7 has lived in 5 states since birth. The blogging world has been of awesome importance to us not only allowing our family to stay connected but often keeping Daddy connected to us as well. I couldn't be more passionate about it's existence! It's the letters home, the contact craved during a long deployment... it's the scrapbook of our life.

As our children are getting older I'm finding an ever growing number of reasons to blog and that is why I am here starting this anew. I hope to write about our life, our trials, and craziness as well as our faith and inspiration. The military life I have come to know is a world apart from the normalcy I grew up in and so naturally seemed the subject to draw upon. If I had not married into the service I would most definitely not be the woman I am today. It is truly amazing and empowering to be the wife of a serviceman. Yes, I really said that... At the end of a journey no matter how hard you've stomped your feet at another move, or cried at the realization of another deployment, or cursed as you are the only one there to lead your life while the other half is overseas you realize you've made it. You've made it and you are stronger than you ever imagined.

Our children are so unbelievably strong as well. Our children are the reason I strive to be the best version of me possible. I know that is true for all parents but there seem to be so many issues to tackle as military moms in this day in age. Explaining a war, death, amputees, why all Daddy's don't go away and even why doesn't everyone "believe in the flag"  make you strive a touch harder. Our life is just different. Depression at age 5 doesn't seem so far fetched. We deal though... life goes on and our children grow up beautifully. I am hoping to navigate my thoughts on here as my children grow through these times.

I know I've certainly been inspired and informed by others on this great web and I truly hope to do the same... even if just once. So here is to this blog and this first post. It's nearly midnight, I have two beautiful angels asleep in their room, a great dog snoring on our couch and a husband half a world away for some 7 months now... this is our life. I hope you'll check it out from time to time.